The Second Litter: Viennese Andzi Dam (4 years old) and British Gentleman Macopa Show Bears Elbestrom Sir (2 years old)

4  wonderful teddy bears were born on 24.04.2019: 3 females and 1 male puppies.

Our Bonnie female 8 months old has just found wonderful home near Gänserndorf in Austria!



6 weeks


The first Litter from the young lady Andzi Dam (3 years old) and Kingsize Sir.

7 beautiful puppies who were born on March 22nd, 2018 found their new sweet homes in Linz/Austria (1), Amman/Jordan (1), Zagreb/Croatia (1), Guntersdorf/Austria (2), Wiener Neustadt/Austria (1) and Steinbrunn/Austria (1).

Bobtail Puppies (Old English Sheepdog) Sahurity Monika VON GERASDORF

Deeply congratulations and great thanks to all our bobtail babies and their gorgeous new owners. We are really proud on them and they are going to be ready to keep your home safe, secured and bright with full happiness.





Litter "A" - 6 weeks

Litter "A" - 8 weeks